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connIT aims to transform companies by offering excellent Information and Communication Technology ICT services through optimizing latest technological and business solutions. Our team is a group of experienced professionals in the field of ICT, Management and Business Development. ConnIT is proud to have a wide pool of ICT experts and consultants that help in offering tailored solutions to companies worldwide.

We have an international experience composed of strong expertise gained in Switzerland and the United States. We are here to help companies to align business processes with agile reality.

We understand the challenges that companies face nowadays with increased costs in IT development and customer services. The hurdle to focus on core competencies is also increasing as finding the right talent remains a real concern. Our tailored designed solutions play a decisive role in solving these issues by allowing your company to focus on its expert knowledge while enjoying the benefits of connIT experts.

Our Vision

With human touch, accelerating tailored Customer Services and Information Technology solutions.

Accelerating tailored Customer Services and Information Technology solutions with human touch.
Our mission is to help companies to achieve superior customer experience and IT solutions. We understand the importance of value creation from delegating customer experience services and that's why we have established quality processes to enhance your customer care. Our IT solutions are a core part of connIT. You can put your trust in our devoted IT experts to develop solutions that give competitive advantages for your company.

Our Values

Our core values are rooted in building trust, striving for quality, adopting the latest innovative solution, and working together as a team.





ConnIT Benefits

Trusted Partners

We provide high quality ICT services for our global partners. We have immense experience working with wide range industries.


Complaint with ISO 9001:2005 Quality management system and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information security management. Customer Satisfaction ISO 100004 TWIST Stimulation and TOPSIM Business Simulation

TimeZone Benefits

Availability 24h customer support with flexible working hours with different time zones.

Competitive Price

Advantageous prices models to our partners that gives a competitive edge over your competitors by improving profit margins.